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What’s Outside Sometimes Counts: Dressing for a First Date

March 4, 2010

If you are like me, when it comes time to pick out an outfit, especially for something oh-so-important as the first date, by the time you’ve finished your room looks like a tornado has swept through: Closet doors flung open, clothes blanketing the floor, and maybe a pair of tights hanging from a lampshade. To avoid the destruction that might come in the wake of trying to find that perfect first date outfit, eHarmony has put together a list of Do’s and Dont’s that might come in handy. This way you can start thinking about what to wear BEFORE you try on every dress you own: First Date Dos and Don’ts: Surefire Style Tips and Fashion Faux Pas. Remember, what’s on the inside counts, but when it comes to leaving a good impression, what’s on the outside does too.


Four things NOT to do if you want to ace your first date

March 3, 2010

There are just some things you DON’T do if you want a first date to succeed and the staff at eHarmony have graciously compiled a list for us. Here are four things that might just make a first date, a last date, and how to make up for them if you date’s beauty temporarily strikes you dumb and you forget what you’re not supposed to do: First Date Blunders.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

December 15, 2009

Whether there are 50 or 50,000 ways to leave you’re lover, you better believe there are right ways and wrong ways. Though the thought can be daunting and emotionally draining, growing a pair and just doing it will save you both some time and energy, rather then trying to draw it out. Break Ups will never be compared to a beutiful beach vacation but they don’t have to resemble to apocalypse either. This column covers the do’s and don’ts of breaking things off: Phone break ups show poor manners . Do it quick and enjoy your freedom!

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P.S. This is not a way you should leave your lover. Possibly the worst way to break up I’ve ever seen, yet I can’t help but laugh. Poor girl:

If it’s Not Working and You Know it, Break it Off (Break it Off)

December 15, 2009

While I’m busy rewriting children’s songs to fit my blog entries, Web MD has put together a handy dandy little guide to breaking things of gracefully for when you know it’s not going to work out: How to Break Up Gracefully. While you read up on that I’ll start thinking of a second verse…

Relationship Expert Lisa Daily on Break Ups

December 15, 2009

“We’ve all spent time stuck in a relationship we didn’t want to be in because we didn’t have the heart or some other equipment to end it. Maybe you don’t want to hurt someone you’ve been close to, or maybe, it’s clear right away you’re dealing with a nut and you don’t want to be the trigger for an economy size bottle of Prozac or a six week stint at the Bendy Willow Psychiatric Center. So, what do you do when it’s obvious you aren’t meant to be together? The key is to have a plan. A good plan,” says Lisa Daily, author of How to Date Like a Grown Up and Stop Getting Dumped in this video clip with her tips for break ups.

Breaking Up and Preserving Feelings

December 15, 2009

There’s never going to be a way to break up with someone with out the result of some hurt feelings. Whether your former partner is devastated or just took a blow to the ego a break up will never leave them feeling good. However, the Revolution Health group offer some tips to breaking it off smoothly with the least amount of pain as possible: How to Break Up With Someone.

Is Cheating Always a Deal-Breaker?

December 15, 2009

It is hard for researchers to come up with a consistent percentage of how many people in relationships cheat, but it is obviously something that happens often enough for them to feel it warrants research in the first place. Hundreds of celebrities and politicians have been involved in cheating scandals and they have been happening for hundreds of years (think Thomas Jefferson and his slave woman). However, despite the inevitable heartbreak and humiliation that comes with an infidelity in the relationship, should it always be the cause for it to end? While there will always be the players and chronic cheating jerks (ahem, Mr. Woods), there are other who simply made a mistake. This column looks into cheating in relationships and how to deal: Cheating boundaries should be laid out.

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