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He said, she said: Age difference in relationships

April 12, 2010

The relationship savvy folks over at put together a he said, she said article about the pro’s and con’s of dating with and age gap. New York City based author Andrew Lloyd write his side, stating that age does matter in relationships, and his experiences dating outside his age range have not been happily ever after. Defending the May-December¬†romance is Marie Claire’s associate web editor Diana Vilibert who says, in her experience, age difference is hardly a predictor for the success of a relationship. I’m going to have to say I’m siding with Vilibert on this one, but Lloyd makes some great points as well, though his point about finding younger women attractive but boring makes me think he just wasn’t dating very – ahem – “deep” younger women. Check it out and decide for yourself: Does a big age difference doom a relationship?

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