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Age gaps in relationships can be overcome

April 12, 2010

Age differences in relationships are probably one of the silliest taboos I can think of in today’s society. Back in the “old days” it was common for people (actually back then just women) to marry a man upwards of ten years their senior. My grandparents had a 12 year age difference and were married for over 60 years. Of course back then a woman’s place was to be popping out baby’s and putting dinner on the table for her husband so it’s not like they had every thing right, but now days it seems like women dating older men (and the new trend of women dating younger men) seem to get a lot more raised eyebrows. Now they are gold-diggers or cougars. Really, however, though age can be the root of some relationship problems, it’s not necessarily the biggest problem a relationship has to overcome. If a couple has everything in common but the decade they were born in, it seems to me they are no more or less likely to work out or fall apart than any other couple. I look more closely at the age gap topic in this week With Love column in the Index: Relationships can over come age gap. Enjoy!

With Love,

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