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Sick of being single? Take a road trip!

April 11, 2010

Julia Yarbough worked in the TV news business for 22 years and decided that although her career was successful, she was missing something in her life: A man. She quit her job and, along with her best friend Silvia Harapetian, who had recently been laid off from her reporting job, decided to take a road trip to find a husband. They are journeying from city to city across the US scouting for a man for Julia to marry and blogging daily about their adventures on their website .

Recently the pair appeared on the Today show to talk about their unique adventure. Julia said on the show that she plans to keep on going until she hits all fifty states, she finds a husband, or the money runs out. Brave and a little bit reckless, Julia’s road trip to find “the one” is definitely not something for the weak of heart I find myself stuck between admiring her spontaneity and fearlessness and questioning her sanity. However, she knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to do what she has to to get it, no doubt how she was so successful in her career, and that’s something I think everyone can look up to. I do wonder, however, if once word gets out about the intentions of her journey, will the men sense commitment and run for the hills? What ever happens I wish Julia luck with her man-finding mission.

Check out the Today show appearance here

She also appeared on NBC  in Miami:

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