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Couples Cite Unexpected Reasons for Moving In

March 28, 2010

Many seem to think couples who decide to move in together do so in order to play house or have a trial marriage period before deciding on the real thing. However, an article in USA Today from last July, reports on a study that suggests something different. The article says that the number of couples living together before exchanging vows has been growing so rapidly that research has had a tough time keeping up (hence the outdated idea that shacking up before marriage makes a couple more susceptible to divorce). Right now 50% to 60% of couples live together before marriage and the growing numbers suggest that 70% of young adults will cohabit at some point before settling down. Couples most cited reason for living together? Simply wanting to spend more time together. I think these days people are busier than ever. Both sexes are much more focused on “making it” in their respective careers. Success at work, which we are taught to strive for, makes less time for a significant other. Living together makes it much easier to spend time together. Only 9% of men and 5% of women said living together was simply to test the relationship before marriage. Anti-cohabitation arguments have stated that those who feel the need to test a relationship before marriage likely have a lack of confidence in that relationship already and therefore will probably not work out for the long-term. However, if “testing the relationship” is not the reason most couples are moving in together, it stands to reason that the outlook for most couples living together before marriage is much brighter than some may previously have thought.

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