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Facebook and the Green-Eyed Monster: A Love Story

December 14, 2009

There you are innocently surfing through Facebook. Your love interest’s status pops up on your news feed so you decide to click and check out his page. All of a sudden you notice a girl has written a semi-flirtatious post on his wall. With out warning your eyes start to change, claws begin to grown from your extremities and fangs protrude from your mouth. Jealousy, the green-eyed monster has come to play. You click on the girl’s page to see who the heck she is and if he wrote anything back. You start clicking through his pictures, wondering who the girls in them are. Your sanity begins to unravel and Jealousy takes control. This will not end well.

It’s happened so often scientists felt it warranted a study and, tah-dah!, it’s true, Facebook can reinforce jealousy in a relationship. An Article from Psych Central explains the study and it’s findings HERE.

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