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Sex With Friends: The New Trend’s Pros and Cons

November 19, 2009

Two studies show that friends with benefits relationships are commonplace among college-age adults. However, the relationships can get sticky if both parties don’t enter in with the same ideas of what the relationship will entail. In this column, the pros and cons of the FWB relationship are considered: Sex With Friends Makes a Comeback.

For those who  are looking for sex without the commitment, I think the FWB relationship is probably the best way to do it (pun intended), as long as they can handle the arrangement. Unlike a random casual hook-up, you can trust your FWB to be safe and healthy. Plus you are likely to be more comfortable with each other, and obviously somewhat compatible, being that you are already friends. Just know what you’re getting in to, be safe, and use protection!

With Love,

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