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The Black Hole Theory

November 18, 2009

I have a theory, it’s called The Black Hole Theory of Toxic Men.

Basically, these “bad boys” or, “toxic men” if you will, attract women with their demeanor, looks, confidence, etc., much like the extreme gravitational pull of a black hole. However, once women get sucked in, it’s nearly impossible to get themselves out of the endless manipulations, game-playing, and narcissism that make up the toxic man.

At first, women thrive on the attention of the man seen as desirable to so many other women. The games the toxic man plays are mysterious and keep the woman on her toes. The rush and excitement cause the woman to keep running back, no matter how poorly they are being treated. The black hole just gets deeper and deeper.

Eventually, as women mature, they will understand that these black holes are just a waste of time and space, and avoid them altogether. However, most women will have to experience one or two black holes in their lifetime, before they figure out how they can be avoided. Until then, try not to fall in too deep.

With Love,

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