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FWB with Dr. Joy

November 18, 2009

“FWB promotes sexual awareness, leaves room for experimentation and encourages people to embrace their sexuality, so long as they play safely” -Dr. Joy Davidson.

     Cheesy lines aside, (I think I laughed for about an hour when she said “You bet you’re booty call there is!”) she knows what she’s talking about! Her love resume includes, sex therapist, psychologist, columnist, speaker, and author. According to her, going in to an FWB relationship with boundaries in place keeps the relationship honest and can lessen the chances of people getting hurt. The bottom line? Know yourself well enough to know how you’d react to any of the millions of possibilities that could come up in the complex FWB relationship. Pretty much good advice for going in to any relationship, I’d say.

FWB fun facts:

  • The term “friends with benefits” is likely to have come from the Alanis Morissette song “Head Over Feet” in the 90’s. The lyrics say: You’re my best friend; Best friend with benefits
  • In an MSN poll of 17,500 people, half said that they had a friend with benefits

Now you can dazzle you’re friends with your FWB knowledge. Who knows? might come in handy in a game of trivia one day!

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